Welcome to a bunch of stuff. First, my blog first attempt. Soon, a regular gaming and DMing blog; a podcast and whatever else we can think up.

Hell, if you know something and have a request, let me know.

Megadungeon Design

I'm using Hellfrost to provide a vibrant background and context for my megadungeon. I'm keeping other details to myself for now, but will reveal those once it becomes a cohesive whole.
Normally so much of my homebrew stuff remains in my head and never makes it to notes, except as players react to it. I'm going to be posting about it here on Always Split the Party and for my weekly group at http://www.meetup.com/Hillside-Role-Playing-Meetup-Group/. Quick plug: if you're curious or interested in joining an awesome, regular group - Bob and Robin have an incredible set-up: two gaming tables, snacks and soda all around, great people, and computer support. Beginners encouraged and we have regular intro events.
The current plan is to play on Wednesday nights at my house, from 6 to 10pm. People can arrive at five or so, but I want to start late to give everyone a chance to get in from work.

Greetings and Welcome!