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The Math of Death

"The Math of Life" might have been a more appropriate and positive title, but definitely less dramatic.

My Mom passed 76 days past her 68th birthday. Given my morbid predilictions, I contemplated what that might mean for my life.

If I die 76 days past my 68th birthday (including leap years), I will die at 1:08am on March 31, 2034. As of today, this is 22 years and 331 days from now.

My brother hipped me to an idea of putting a marble in a jar for each "Saturday" you have left, and then each Saturday, remove one of the marbles. On one hand repulsively macabre, on the other -- a Nietzschean awareness of the edge (and talk about pressure to help me meet deadlines!).

Unfortunately, this would mean I would need approximately 8,361 marbles. And a jar to hold them in. If I allow for weeks I have left, I'd need 1,194.43 marbles. Hmmm. Warmer. Months is 278.7 marbles.

I'm inclined to go for the weeks. It is 915 marbles more, but I believe removing a marble every week would help be more conscious of the time I have left to get things done. The purpose of the activity. I wonder how many marbles come in a bag?

It doesn't have to be marbles, though, does it? It could be pennies. Or little plastic skulls. Or....do you have any ideas?

* I did these on the back of one of my pocket index cards and the help of my iphone, so feel free to check my calculations.

Welcome Back!

Dedicated to Mom, on Mother's Day. The journey begins.