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The Eleventh Hour

I spelled out eleventh hour because I'm fancy. :)

The rhetoric is getting worse, the hate speech horrific, and the cognitive dissonance turned up to . . . . . . eleven, as the political right in America frothes and foams at the mouth without a hint of shame.

Victory is at hand.

The brilliance of the Constitution continues to be realized inasmuch as the "all men" in "all men are created equal" is interpreted to mean EVERYBODY. As equality, compassion, and understanding continue to become mainstream, those enjoying unexamined privilege and power, i.e., old christian white guys, are examined and lose power and privilege.

Old Christian White Guys are coming undone.

An all male Congressional panel, forced to confront the duality of women's health and birth control; GOP presidential candidates sputter and stutter as they are asked to interpret the outrage over Rush Limbaugh's mysoginistic poison -- and are at a loss for words because in their hearts they wholeheartedly agree with him; bills proposed in Congress that are so outrageous in limiting choice on women's health spawn a "life begins at ejaculation" response.

Victory is at hand.

Expect it to get worse before it gets better, but whatever you do, keep the faith. National health care a reality, gay marriage a reality in many states, and Congress called on the carpet about women's health.

Keep talking. Keep posting and liking posts. Keep your head high. There's no twelfth hour because once we've made it through the eleventh hour, we don't need to count any more.

Victory is at hand.

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