Welcome to a bunch of stuff. First, my blog first attempt. Soon, a regular gaming and DMing blog; a podcast and whatever else we can think up.

Hell, if you know something and have a request, let me know.

Got Band Names?

A word hobby of mine (or compulsion, or obsession or sickness): I snatch words or phrases from conversation and turn them into hypothetical band names, or biographies, or collections of poetry.

I want them to have a section (page) all their own, once I figure out how to do that.

Together, we'll eventually hone the list to nothing but the best. In the meantime, these are pulled from my most recent note scraps:

Leprechaun orgy
Nucleus of a plan
Altered expectations
Fumbling desperation
Horrific intimacy.

Enjoy! And if you happen to make use of one of these, or are inspired by them, possibly under a rather bizarre set of circumstances, please share it here. Thanks. Oh, and royalties would be nice. :)

The Eleventh Hour

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