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Red Shirts, Robert Bloch, and Netflix

I'm a big Trekkie - mostly by overexposure to the original series growing up, and then living my life feeling like I was an alien. Hah! Oh, and its total awesomeness.

Netflix has recently added Star Trek the Original Series (1966 - 1968) to its streaming selections. I've been watching some of my favorites and revisiting ones I barely remember.

Some observations from today:

Most everyone knows the ultra-short life expectancy of those who beam down wearing a red shirt. Episode 13 from season 2, "Obsession" must have the highest red shirt death toll of them all. In the episode 8 red-shirts, I mean security officers, beam down to the planets surface. Four are killed outright, one later dies of his wounds, and another is gravely wounded. I never learned if he made it or not. I'll keep you informed if I learn of any higher count episodes.

Additionally, Episode 14, "Wolf in the Fold," was written by my dear Robert Bloch, and in which the "wolf" brutally murderers three women. I should not have been surprised, I suppose.

In an amusing note, the following episode (Episode 15) is "The Trouble With Tribbles," a vacation from horror to overwhelming cuteness. I appears that television programmers even back in the day were sensitive to traumatizing their audiences. I know that I'm still recovering from seeing Janet Jackson's nipple one fateful Superbowl Sunday. Although, now that I think of it, a cargo bin full of dead Tribbles is not that cute or horror-free.

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