Welcome to a bunch of stuff. First, my blog first attempt. Soon, a regular gaming and DMing blog; a podcast and whatever else we can think up.

Hell, if you know something and have a request, let me know.

Welcome Back!

Hello again. :)

Writing are hard. Rather, I find writing consistently and writing well are hard.
But I'm back. I've always found that not writing is harder. What I've found recently is not writing "out loud" has become harder still.

The political climate lately - the "culture wars" as some have dubbed it, although I hesitate to use the term as you may define it differently, are starting to make me ... furious! I've been experiencing the war, if you will, through Facebook.

However, that's not a proper forum for ... this much anger and frustration. Reading here is much more a choice than if I post or comment on FB and it puts it right in yours and everyone's face. Which is where it belongs! In everyone's face, that is. But not on Facebook, yet. The conversational value is diminished there, inasmuch as most go to FB for entertainment, not truth or rants (terms that are not mutually exclusive).

I write a lot in my head. Envision articles or opinion or education pieces in magazines or journals. My problem is they stay in my head, or if they are lucky, they make it onto an index card (which I carry in my pocket), or onto my iPhone notes. Where they stay. No longer. That stops now.

I am setting free my ideas and honoring the commitment I made to write here. This is where I'll put my scraps of paper scribblings. Because the transfer to shannopedia.com hasn't happened and I've "owned" the domain for a year or so, and the regular articles and posts haven't happened since last year either-no more excuses or waiting for the perfect time or place or final draft.

Thus, no long articles or essays (or even short ones, really) for you or me. For a while, for sure. Such writing is not something I can do consistently, thus I've not tried, hence this wasteland of blog :)

Let's chat. If you're willing. I expect I'll post a lot of short posts some weeks, and other weeks, not so much. It's a re-start, if nothing else. Welcome back.

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